The festive season might be over, the retailers’ job is done, but for companies like Optoro the work has just begun. Optoro is a big name in the reverse logistics industry. It aims to reduce the financial and environmental expenses of the retailers by managing the returns in an efficient manner. It might come as a surprise but Americans returned $260 billion of the merchandise purchased by them in 2015 which is 66% up from five years ago.

Most Ecommerce websites offer their customers a free shipping policy, which is become somewhat of a norm for companies offering apparel to electronics and everything in between. What most people don’t know is that a lot of the products that are returned by them don’t end up with the retailers they bought them from. The products are end up with liquidators, wholesalers and resellers or sometimes even garbage trucks. Companies like Optoro are trying to change this inefficient, environment unfriendly way of treatment of the returned items.