Zara, Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren Fashion ecommerceWhen one thinks of pollution, the images that come to mind are coal power plants and smoky factories, definitely not fashion stores. Nobody would think of the clothes that they are wearing, however fast fashion is the world’s second dirtiest industry in terms of causing pollution. The complicated process of fashion which includes manufacturing, constructing, shipping, retail and even disposal of clothes are all making a tremendous carbon footprint. Cotton which is the world’s most used fiber consumes tons of water and is extremely dependent on chemicals and insecticides. Dyes that are used on clothing end up in the nearby rivers polluting them and causing adverse health effects on the people living nearby. Globalization of fast fashion is causing clothes to be manufactured in foreign lands and being transported in container ship, rails and trucks giving rise to high volumes of air pollution. To top it all social media, magazines and malls are bombarding customers with ads that are making shopping  a weekly event even an addition for most people. The fibers used in producing the clothes like polyster are nylon are not biodegradable which makes them highly unsustainable for the environment. However there is still hope as brands like Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren are working towards using maximum organic cotton in their creations and reducing water use and carbon emissions. Read full article here.