There aren’t many brands that remain in business for an entire century, Filson can take pride in this feat. Its long existence is just one of its many accomplishments, the brand proudly manufactures outdoor clothing locally in the United States of America, for travelers, campers, hunters, fishermen, gold miners, forestry workers and photographers. With headquarters in Seattle, Washington the company is renowned for making products from fabrics such as heavyweight Tin Cloth and warm Mackinaw Wool. Filson has used very little marketing and mainly relied on word of mouth and its quality to come into customers notice. It is now starting to tell its brand story louder and clearer.

Filson has recently hired Alex Carleton as creative director and Gray Madden as the new president. The brand has launched a campaign for the first time along with the fall catalog and is about to launch a new flagship store in Seattle. The company’s future strategy is to keep it’s existing customers happy while acquiring new ones along the way. They want to give prospective customers a glimpse of an adventurous life, which they might be missing being busy with jobs and everyday life. Creative director Carleton says it will be challenging to get the word out about Filson, as the brand is mysterious in some way. The company is going to focus its advertising efforts on magazines like Nat Geo and Outside. It will also create ad campaigns that will be documented and shot in bush camps and glaciers in Alaska, to give the customers a taste of the brand.  “Now we’re just going to open the window and shout, then next year we’ll be using a megaphone,” says Madden, the new president. The brand’s differentiating factor is that it is based on real people, which is what they try to bring across in their marketing message.