forever-21s-threadscreen-displays-instagram-pics-in-fabric Fashion EcommerceForever 21 has just upped the social media marketing game a notch. It has created a one of a kind screen built with threads to display its Instagram posts. Product company BREAKFAST has designed and manufactured the screen that weighs 2,000 lbs (900 kg) and has 200,000 total parts. It has 6.7 miles of threaded fabric which is enough to cross the Brooklyn Bridge 6 times. 6,400 spools are arranged in an 80×80 grid, thus when an Instagram post uses #F21ThreadScreen the picture is resized to a 80×80 resolution, after which the machine rolls the threads to the matching colour of the picture. The machine is a part of Forever 21’s Tried and True campaign and the thread screen will display the hastagged Instagram posts 24/7 from July 22 to 28. It will also be streamed live online. Read full article here.