Juliette Gimenez is the Cofounder & CEO of Goxip a mobile fashion platform that sorts through content created by celebrities, bloggers and other social media channels and with the help of an image recognition technology helps users to detect and buy the product. Goxip now boasts partnerships with tetail brands like Shopbop, Nordstrom, TopShop, ASOS, Bloomingdales, Zalora and features one million products. The idea behind Goxip is to reduce multiple news feeds that are being bombarded towards customers into a single news feed which is more targeted and actionable to bring mobile traffic to convert. It also is helping to tap into a segment of the market who are not shopping online yet.  Goxip’s aim is to be a fashion company without an inventory like Uber or Airbnb where the company doesn’t actually sell the core product being offered. Read full article here.