Berlin is coming forward as tech startup capital of Germany, thanks to low rents, a cool image and an open attitude towards entrepreneurship. A new startup is born every 20 minutes in Berlin. Some successful companies that have come out from Berlin are fashion etailer Zalando, online music service SoundCloud and online food delivery firm HelloFresh. The atmosphere has become much more professional as bigger global companies are starting to invest in Berlin startups and a lot of fresh talent is being churned out from the new entries.

EyeEm is one such company that has bloomed in this environment. Founded in 2010 it EyeEm is a photo-sharing mobile app that connects amateur photographers with buyers. It has formed a community of 13 million photographers and has raised $24m in funding. The people in Berlin have become more serious, they are creating useful products and services, more financial less random. Berlin is receiving big bucks in terms of venture capital, startups have raised about $2.2bn in 2014. Although Berlin is developing at a very fast pace it would be unfair to compare it to the silicon valley of US. Although experts believe that it will take around 20 to 30 years for Berlin to be close to Silicon Valley from an ecosystem point of view.