Social media has become a global phenomenon. Whether it’s a small brand or an established one, everyone is trying their luck with influencer marketing. It’s because consumers do no trust brand advertisement in the same way anymore and rely on their favorite blogger to introduce them to new products. And highly intrigued by what influencers are doing, wearing, eating, etc.

One of the biggest challenges that brands are facing while working with influencers is identifying the right influencer for their brand. There are millions of big, medium and micro influencers and this number is increasing by the day.

There is a huge demand for influencers as almost every brand is trying to collaborate with them.

Brands have to make sure that their approach has to be personalized and different in order to get the influencer’s attention.

How to establish an authentic relationship with Influencers

Once you get hold of an influencer, the goal is to make sure that influencers grow to love your brand. Here are some tips on how to build a successful relationship with influencers:-

1. Make your offer stand out– Almost every brand is trying to get a hold of an influencer to market their products. In such a situation, brands have to make their offer stand out so that the influencer chooses you. You can interact with the influencer on their social media handles, tag them in a few posts so that they get to know about your brand. Once you do that, it will be easier for you to get their attention since they will already recognize your brand.

2. Be clear about your expectations– Influencers get approached many brands and every brand has different expectations. It is always better to clarify what is expected since the beginning. Rather than telling them how you want to go about things, you can ask them about what kind of a professional relationship do they expect. Once you know the general expectations, you can talk about the campaign.

– Always mention the number of posts you expect in a specific period of time.

– Mention how you will be using their content and on what platforms.

– Define hashtags, captions that will bring attention to your brand.

– Discuss the financials beforehand.

  3. Do not limit their creativity- This is an important factor. Influencers need you to trust them completely. That’s why it is important to choose someone you can count on. Influencers are professionals when it comes to creating content. You should give them the freedom to be creative, as they know what works for their audience and what does not. This will eventually lead to better results and engagement from the consumer. You can set-up a general guideline as to what is expected and leave the rest up to them.

4. Keep them informed- Once your campaign goes live, share the results with the influencer. Let them know how their efforts are affecting your business. If you see engagement from their followers, you should let them know. On the other hand, if you see the campaign isn’t getting enough attention, you let them know that too. From there on, they will have a better idea as to what more can be done.

5. Treat them as brand ambassadors- Many brands treat influencers like their brand ambassadors rather than just advertising outlets. For example, Revolve engages with a number of influencers from different countries, different body types, different skin tones, etc. Doing this just widens their reach and audience. Revolve even organizes a yearly influencer award show for the influencers to acknowledge them for their work.

Building a relationship and managing an influencer is not always easy. You have to share goals and progress with them in order to generate authentic content. Always remember influencers are people too and building a good relationship with them will be beneficial for both in the long run. This content is what is going to help the brand attract new customers and take the business to the next level.