rebecca minkoff fashion ecommerceRebecca Minkoff‘s New York store is a perfect example for integration of technology into retail. It is first of the three “connected stores” in the US, spread in 700 square feet, with interactive screens on the shopping floor and fitting rooms. The shopping floor screens act as mirrors until tapped on, after which they become interactive screens displaying look books. The screens on the shopping floor allow the customer to save items that they can retrieve later, order drinks and communicate with the store associates.

The fitting room screens are just as interactive, they can recognize the item that has been brought in, style it in different ways, suggest the other colours and sizes available and products that will look good with it. Uri Minkoff who is Ceo and Co-founfer at Minkoff believes that the interactive experience has escalated customer’s time spent in stores and optimized clothing. The company that specializes in handbags has seen a 30% increase in clothing sales, after the customers are given more options that they could have missed on the shopping floor. The interactive screens are not only creating more intent to buy but also giving the brand a lot of data regarding customer preferences. This customer data made the brand add more Date night and Weekend clothes to their mostly dominant Work-wear brand. The screens are increasing user engagement in a non intrusive manner. The interactive technology provided by Ebay can be scaled to larger retail stores like Zara.