In today’s world, social media influencers probably do not need an introduction. Their popularity seems to be growing leaps and bounds every hour. Most brands work with multiple influencers on every campaign to attract more customers. The reason for the exponential growth of influencer marketing is that influencers can connect with their audiences as trusted peers. The social media influencers have the authenticity, knowledge, and opinions that can convert people into loyal customers. They also help spread awareness about a brand to potential customers, who probably did not know about the brand’s existence.

However, finding the right influencer is not that simple. So, here’s a guide to help you identify and find influencers who are best suited for your brand.

  1. Find and own your mountain

The first step is to figure out your influencer’s niche and what are they interested in. It could be travel, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, photography or maybe even a combination of these. It may not always be easy to understand the primary niche of the influencer just by having a look at their Instagram. So, therefore, you must always go through their blog/website to have a better understanding. Collaborating with an influencer in your niche will ensure a relevant audience and relevance is key when it comes to influencer campaigns.

  1. Know your audience

The target audience is an important aspect of the process. The main objective is to ensure that your target audiences are the same as that of your social media influencer. You need to understand that not all influencers will have the same audience. Some might have millennials as their target audience and then others might have moms or middle-aged women as their target audience. Finding the right influencers will make sure that your products are relevant to the audience, who might actually be interested and are potential customers.

  1. Reach and engagement

Reach simply means the total number of followers an influencer has on social media or their blogs. You need to make sure that your influencer has a decent amount of followers on the social channel where you want to run your campaign.

Even if your influencer has a good reach, the important factor is the engagement rates.

Engagement rates are an indication of how many people are truly interested in the content they are creating. If an influencer has thousands of followers but the engagement rates are low, they will be no good for your business.

  1. The influencer should be authentic

An influencer’s recommendations sound authentic only when their followers trust and follow them. The posts should be authentic and should not look only paid promotion. Discover influencer who’s style and identity resonates with your brand values. Such resonance will attract more people and will make the content more relevant.

  1. Web Search

Google is a great way to find influencers. Go on to google and type your requirement. For example, if you’re looking for jewelry influencer, you can type “women’s jewelry blogger” or “fashion blogger” and the search engine will provide you with a list of people and accounts that are relevant to your search. You can add multiple keywords to your search to find more apt and suite accounts.

You can also include advanced search operators .


  1. Search on Social Media

Keywords search can also help you find the right influencers for your business. You can enter keywords that you use to describe your brand to find influencers who might be creating similar content using those keywords. You can also use attributional keywords which will help you to have a wider search and find more results.

  1. Influencer Search Engines

Influencer Search Engines like provides you with real-time social analytics for every influencer in the world. This will help you find valuable information about an influencer including his/her engagement rate, follower demographics etc. As a trial user, you will receive 100 free searches and 20 influencer reports without burning a hole in your pocket.

Whichever influencer you choose and however you decide to contact them, the most important thing is to personalize your message and show them how your product could benefit them. They want to know why you love them and why you think they would be perfect for working with you..