Growing an ecommerce company can be challenging, but with the right online connections you can make real progress in the direction of growth. It is where blogger outreach comes into play. Believe it or not it can do wonders for gaining new traffic and customers, at a fraction of the price of traditional forms of advertising.

Guest post on renowned websites : The slow and steady way to get traffic to your e-commerce site is blogging. But if you are looking for a quick fix then maybe you should consider guest posting. Guest posting on a more renowned website will put your company and products in front of new eyes. Guest posting may require you to pursue the owner of the site, there may be some unsuccessful attempts. but if you can get an affirmation, it gives you new traffic and the back links from the website will benefit your SEO efforts too.

Interview a relevant expert: If you are not a wordsmith or don’t have enough technical knowledge about the topics of ecommerce or retail, you could try interviewing an expert in the field. You could ask them to give tips, technical advise or share their stories. You can publish these on your website and hopefully the expert would share the article with his/her audience too.

Solicited but honest product reviews or sponsored posts: You can also contact Fashion bloggers to review your products in exchange for free products and a small flat fee. Most online purchases nowadays are made after doing some prior research about the product. The social proof that the product is used and liked by others can give a boost to your product sales.

Affiliate Marketing: You can also start an affiliate program. This involves finding influencers with an engaged audience that can drive traffic to your business by offering a commission on every sale.

Gift guides: Most online shoppers research gift ideas especially during festive times or special events like birthdays or valentines days. If you include your products in these gift guides and customers come across your products in their searches, there is a high chance of your product sales skyrocketing especially during those times.

Try these hacks for your blogger outreach you might be pleasantly surprised with the results you get.