influencer marketing

Fashion is an extremely visual medium and Instagram captures the essence of fashion like no other social media platform. It is important to keep up with Instagram and its ever-changing trends. For example, recently the Instagram algorithm has been changed (Posts were visible chronologically, according to the new algorithm they will appear based on engagement). What this means for fashion brands, is that paid advertising and influencer marketing will play a very important role in the posts that users see on their screens. Thus, as a fashion brand you must invest time and resources into Influencer marketing on Instagram now more than ever.

So what is Influencer marketing and who are Influencers? It’s a way of putting forth a brand’s message in front of an interested audience through a voice they trust. It is basically word of mouth marketing where a recommendation about a piece of clothing or accessory is made by someone who has blogged, vlogged and photographed their way to fame. These recommendations are trusted on more than any other form of traditional advertising as the influencer has a very engaged and loyal community of followers and fans.

A few ways for fashion brands to master Influencer marketing on Instagram

Research extensively: Have a 360 degrees research strategy. Which means you must research brands that have a similar market niche as you, research your direct competitors as well as your customers. By research we mean spend some time and observe the content that they post, the kind of content that works and gets the most engagement.  You could also spend some time on studying posts that are related to your brand story. For example, if you are a sports brand, you can take inspiration from and follow Instagram accounts of adventurous fashion bloggers or fitness bloggers. The Instagram for business blog is a goldmine for latest tools and updates on Instagram. It also has case studies of brands that are at the top of their game.

Be clear but allow Influencers room for creative freedom: You must try to make the Influencer’s job as easy as possible by giving them a clear understanding of your brand, the objective of the campaign etc. A good way could be having a blogger’s kit which explains in a detailed manner the nitty-gritty of what is expected from them. You can also use mood boards for the same. Word of caution, however, is that don’t try to suffocate the vision and creativity of the influencers that you are working with. Trust and allow them to create the posts, as they understand what resonates with their followers.

Select the right Influencers: This might be the trickiest part, the influencers you choose to work with should be relevant to your brand. The easiest way to search for them can be through hashtags on Instagram. You could also run an advanced google search and search influencers based on their locations or other brand-specific specifications.

Set the structure for running the campaign smoothly: Set a road-map of how you want the influencer marketing campaign to go about and convey the same to the influencers, in advance. They should have a clear understanding of the exact content that they are expected to deliver, the time frame for delivery, the payment terms and ownership rights of the posts that they create.

Influencer and User-generated content is an underused treasure: Don’t forget to use the post created by the influencers across your website and other social media sites. You can use user-generated content on the sales pages of your eCommerce website or with Facebook Ads. The candid posts created by your customers act as social proof that your fashion brand is loved by its customers