Instagram means serious business!! As a fashion brand, you are well aware of this fact. Yet in our experience there are many fashion brands whose Instagram accounts lack the wow factor, their accounts look like the hundred other brands in that niche. The solution however is simple, just like a piece of clothing needs accessories to make it more attractive, your Instagram account needs certain tools to add that extra enhancement and make it stand out from the thousands of other brands out there.

Lets start with Scheduling: 

Schedugram (starting at $20 per month): A scheduling platform with web browser-based scheduling and a built-in photo editing tool. This tool can save you lots of time and as a startup or an older fashion brand, you will love that it allows you to schedule posts in mass batches.

Later (starting at $19 per month): Later is similar to Schedugram, except it is a mobile, tablet and web browser based scheduling platform. Additionally, it lets you explore hashtags, view and plan a content calendar and share user-generated content.

Hootsuite (Free): Hootsuite is one of the most used tools and is one of the easiest to use too. It can help you schedule your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and G+ post all in one place.

Let’s explore tools for Analytics:

Sprout Social: Sprout Social provides detailed Instagram analytics and reports to measure how your posts are performing, monitor relevant hashtags and engagement opportunities.

Iconosquare ($28.80-$499): Although in the pricier range this tool is extremely useful in letting you measure engagement data (followers and likes) and also get specific statistics about your followers like their location and level of social media influence. In the age of influencer marketing, this tool comes very handily.

Websta (Free): Website will give you the most extensive list of hashtags being used on Instagram. You can pick and choose the best performing hashtags related to Fashion, retail and E-commerce.

Tools to make your Instagram feed shoppable:

Foursixty ($50-$100): Foursixty allows you to make all your Instagram photos fully shoppable. There will be product page links attached to every product featured on your Instagram feed with links.

Showcase (Free): Showcase allows your customers to make informed purchase decisions by letting you embed a customizable Instagram feed onto your online store.

Tools to make your Instagram images more attractive:

VSCO (Free): VSCO which is available on iOS and Android is a photo editing platform and part social media network, that gives you tons of filters to enhance your Instagram feed.

Afterlight ($0.99 – $1.39): Afterlight is an easy to use photo editing app that has a massive collection of 74 filters, 78 textures, and 128 frames.

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