If you are creating content online for your eCommerce business then you must accustom yourself with the term “lede”. Lede can make or break your content marketing strategy. It is regarded as the third most important part of content marketing, after the headline and the image. While the headline and images help you grab the reader’s attention, a good lede will get you the commitment that the reader will spend his precious time on your content. So what is Lede? It is the first few opening lines of an article or any kind of written word. There are the ‘Information rich Ledes’ and the ‘Soft Ledes’. The information-rich lede will give you solid facts about the article, it will answer the Who, What, Where, When, Why, How about the content. Soft Ledes on the other end will keep solid facts ambiguous.

Someone wise once said that a suit can make you look stylish but a three-piece suit makes you look downright dashing. That wise person was me and whether or not you agree with the part about me being wise, you can’t argue with the fact that a three-piece suit has the ability to make any man look damn amazing. And now that fall is here it’s the perfect time to rock a three-piece and look like the man you were meant to be.” If you observe the above example of a soft lede, it does give a certain amount of facts, but what it does along with the facts is that it engages the reader to take a keen interest. By working on creating innovative and creative ledes, a brand can deliver their marketing messages more efficiently and encourage the readers to keep coming back for more.