StyleHaul is a digital fashion and beauty platform, with 500 million social fans it has 7,000 influencers creating videos for it in 86 countries. Its CEO Stephanie Horbaczewsk had started Style Haul in 2011 on YouTube, with how-tos and beauty review videos. She had to change her plans for StyleHaul from an independent shoppable video player for two reasons. One, her network didn’t have a catalog of original video big enough to allow its own player and the second reason was the rising trend of digital storytelling on platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.

Horbaczewsk believes these three rules have helped her master the art of story telling:

  1. Authentic Community Building: She believes building a community is a two way street. Instead of trying to get more and more fans and followers one must focus on genuinely being a part of the community, interacting regularly and treating all the influencers big or small equally.
  2. Human Touch: When a client asks for a campaign to be created, the process of selection is a mix of algorithms and personal shortlisting.
  3. Meeting users where they are: StyleHaul meets users on different platforms in the native style of that particular platform. It is very flexible in its approach, it doesn’t publish the same content on any social media platform.