Luxury items are held to the highest standards of design and detail. The right kind of packaging is indispensable in the case of luxury products. When marketing a product to the wealthy, packaging design plays a very important role as it creates desire and excitement for the customer. Luxury packaging stipulates the quality and prestige of the product while ensuring continuity in the brand messaging that allures the customer.

In the age of digitalism, it becomes a very important task for brands to make a memorable impact on the physical attributes of the product and this is where packaging design comes into play. According to data by Smithers Pira, the luxury packaging market projects a growth of 4.4% in 2019. Luxury brands are paying great attention to this and huge investments have been allocated for the presentation and parceling of luxury products.

Why luxury packaging is becoming an important aspect of marketing

1. Marketing to wealthy to produce desire–  The luxury market today is saturating. Luxury brands simply can not overlook packaging design while focussing on other aspects like product development, branding, and marketing. The packaging design is an equally important aspect. Strategically designed packaging enhances the overall shopping experience, whether it is in-store buying or online shopping.

Good packaging design makes the unboxing experience memorable, special and tempting enough to share on social media platforms. Luxury brands have been able to increase their user-generated content and organic reach simply by upgrading their packaging design. Brands like Chanel, Cartier, Jo Malone have aced the packaging design game which has to lead them to find a permanent place in the pop culture. Their packaging has become memorable and so easily recognizable that it provides a cultural meaning as well as triggers an emotional response in the audience.

High net worth consumers pay extra attention to the packaging of a product. The unusual details may be particularly attractive for them. For a luxury brand, focussing on the visual and tactile senses can prove to be very effective. A well-crafted packaging makes the product elite in nature and also elevates the emotional appeal of the brand altogether. As a result, it will unleash a sense of desire for the customer.

2. To indicate quality and prestige- Packaging for luxury products is a very important aspect. The consumer buys a luxury item for the whole experience that comes with it and packaging is what comes first. The packaging hints to the quality of the products inside the box. A shopper pays a hefty amount on the product and expects the packaging to be exceptionally good as well. Packaging should not only be aesthetically pleasing but should also be functional. The elegance of opening and handling the package should also be considered. Brands have to keep in mind the consumer of the product and their surroundings. The product packaging should compliment the setting of the high net worth consumer.

Talking about online shopping, the packaging must fulfill the impression and experience of the physical store. Drab cardboard boxes will not work in such a case. The packaging must pay homage to the prestige contents of the box. It could be the customers first purchase from the brand and there should not be anything that disappoints the customer. The packaging will leave a huge impact on the customer and if the items are presented nicely, the customer will definitely come back for more.

3. To ensure the cohesive brand message- When it comes to marketing luxury brands, consistent brand messaging is essential across all channels of communication.  The packaging is something that is perpetually tied to the brand image just as the brand logo. Packaging becomes a tool of identification for the customer. It has to be relevant and fully aligned with the spirit of the brand. Packaging becomes an opportunity to showcase and highlight the craftsmanship of the brand. 

A luxury brand dealing with sustainable products should conceptualize the packaging with the utmost care. It is the first impression of the brand and thus a conscious shopper might expect the use of more environment-friendly materials in conjunction with high style. Stella McCartney is an example of a high-end brand which provides 100% compostable packaging.

While there are a number of factors that contribute to the desirability of a product, packaging bears the burden of the first impression. When marketing to luxury buyers, brands have to keep in mind that every aspect of the product has to be developed strategically and must indicate quality. And as we move further into the age of information, packaging design is becoming more and more essential. In the world of digitalism, physical touchpoints are held to higher expectations.