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If you were active on any of your social media accounts this month, its impossible to have missed images of New York fashion week. Along side pictures of designers, models, A-listers, and celebrities there was a group that couldn’t be ignored; fashion bloggers. Fashion blogging as a profession came into existence around a decade ago, ever since there has been no looking back for these ladies with an individualized voice,who have made fashion accessible to the public. Initially the fashion veterans objected on the presence of bloggers attending fashion weeks, however their ever growing fan base and social media following in thousands (sometimes millions) has made industry veterans rethink.

Many aspirants have appeared on the scene, blogging is been considered as a viable career path. Nobody can blame them, on the outside fashion blogging does appear as an easy career choice. 760 Instagram images by 38 top-ranked female professionals were analysed, that concluded a lot of work goes into creating images and blogs that appear so effortless to the unenlightened eye. Many bloggers claim to put 80-100 work hours every week. Often heard to call their work “A creative outlet fueled by their passion”, the amount of time,energy, and money invested in the process is often overlooked. Fashion blogging requires careful planning, responding to comments, curating posts, styling outfits, photographing and editing images strategically to the technicality of each social media platform. There is intense competition as there are more and more bloggers each day which makes brands reconsider paying the older bloggers and forces them to work in return of product giveaways. Only the famous ones get to choose brand collaborations, the rest of the bloggers sometimes work with any brand that comes their way. The emotional labor attached to the profession of blogging is intense as there is little personal space and very high levels of stress.