uber fashion ecommerceUber has been experimenting with packaging services for the past few months, they are finally making things more concrete by announcing their partnerships with fashion and retail brands in the coming months. They are adding an express delivery option for shoppers for a range of shopping websites and apps, which will be announced in late September or early October. It will start out with some very high end luxury stores in New York for the initial launch, San Francisco will be added a little later. It is also planning to partner with Ecommerce companies like Bigcommerce and Shopify that help fashion brands develop their online presence. Partnering with software companies allows them to make the express delivery option available to a large number of stores without integrating with each one of them.

Uber is trying to be the ultimate logistics network, it has UberRush messenger and Ubereats meal delivery services in select American cities. UberEverything lead by Jason Droege is a new business unit of Uber which operates separately from the core business, is trying to sign up a large group of retail and software companies. There are plans to also add a same day delivery service for certain postal codes, to the retail brand websites partnering with Uber. Some retailers will make the customers pay for the same day delivery option by Uber while other more luxurious brands will bear the cost themselves. Customers will however not be able to order products from these retailers through the Uber app. Deliveries will be made by bike messenger or car, for which they have already developed training materials. The brands Uber chose to partner with have been strategically picked for marketing purposes and increase exposure. It will face competition from companies like Deliv which focuses entirely on same day delivery services specifically for retail companies.