Electrocic wearables fashion ecommerceThe United states government is investing heavily in the electronic wearables sector. An investment of $75 million was recently made by the department of Defense in a flexible hybrid electronics innovation center in Silicon Valley. The center is akso going to receive funding from corporates, academic institutions, and local governments for a total of about $171 million. 160 companies like Apple, Boeing, General Motors, and Hewlett Packard and institutions are going to work together as part of the new hub named ‘Manufacturing Innovation Institute for Flexible Hybrid Electronics’ . The administration investing in nine big-budget R&D centers as there is are common interests between the military and tech industry. The centers will be focusing on 3-D printing, lightweight metals, non-silicon semiconductors etc. The Obama administration take up China’s position and build the world’s fastest super computer by 2025. The best minds of the tech world are being hired by  Mikey Dickerson, who supervised a team of 60 engineers at Google and the team that fixed the Healthcare.gov website in 2014 and Todd Park, the former chief technology officer of the United States. The goal is to hire a team of 500 to reform digital systems by which government operates and to bring efficiency into Internal Revenue Services and Immigration, similar to some of the most successful silicon valley businesses.