StellaService which specializes in measuring customer service of online and offline stores, conducted a survey to find out which companies execute the best customer service. The parameters taken into consideration were aspects like return and shipping policies, responsiveness via phone, email or online chat, and in-store service.

There was a very interesting mixture in terms of kinds of stores that were rated the top 25 in the list. Online stores, departmental stores, flower stores and even health stores were part of the list, which have apparently given the best service to their customers. Departmental store Nordstrom came on No.21 and Handbag retailer Coach was on No.8. Zappos, Macy’s, Burberry and Kate Spade were all a part of the top 25. The runner up on the list was Net-A-Porter which was just behind heritage retailer LL Bean, who came in first for its prompt and immediate responses to customer issues.