We are all very familiar with fine jewelry, costume jewelry, and fashion jewelry. The latest addition is Demi fine jewelry and it is definitely catching people’s eye.

Demi fine jewelry is blurring the lines between fine and costume jewelry. While fine jewelry is made using precious metals and stones, costume jewelry is made using alloys and crystals. Demi-fine jewelry is a mix of the two. It is usually made in 14k gold and semi-precious stones.

What does demi fine jewelry mean? Demi-fine is a term used by jewelry brands to define attainable yet premium quality jewelry that occupies between affordable costume jewelry and expensive select jewelry items.

This new segment has become an affordable version of fine jewelry and affordability is a huge draw for women who are always looking to expand their jewelry collection. It is stylish and high-end but still affordable. These pieces are long-lasting and can be worn on an everyday basis. Demi-fine jewelry is trendy and modern. It allows the wearer to mix and match and create their own personal style. We are helping and manage SEO for Fashion eCommerce Marketing for your Fashion Brand.

The concept of accessible luxury in jewelry is expanding and demi fine jewelry just hits the sweet spot as it falls between fine and costume jewelry and has the qualities of both. Demi-fine jewelry is most popular with women who are in their 20’s and 30’s, also known as the “luxury hunters”. Traditionally women of that age would buy a luxury handbag or shoes, but now the focus has shifted to semi-luxury jewelry.

Net-a-Porter was one of the first few websites that expanded into a demi-fine jewelry line in 2016 and since then the number of demi-fine jewelry fashion brands has increased by 250%.

Net-a-Porter’s top-selling demi-fine jewelry line is Wwake and was launched in 2013 by Wing Yau. The pieces from Wwake are minimal, crafted in gold with opals and diamonds. The fashion brand caters to customers who want to invest in quality pieces without them looking pretentious.

The unique selling point of this kind of jewelry is the ability to mix and match. It allows the consumer to wear their jewelry in different ways by either stacking it up or wearing it alone. Personalization is what makes this kind of jewelry popular.

Selfridegs, a London based departmental store has significantly increased investments in the demi fine jewelry category for spring summer 2018 featuring fashion brands like Missoma, Charlotte Chesnias, and Astley Clarke. According to Josie Gardner, accessory buying manager at Selfridges, Gold-plated silver or lower weight carat with semi-precious gemstones have proved popular as long as they make good Instagram posts.

The demi-fine customer often discovers a niche fashion brand on Instagram and buys jewelry pieces in unusual shapes and material.

Missoma was one of the first fashion brands that were the driving force in the development of the demi-fine jewelry category. It was founded in 2008 by Marisa Hordern who is now the CEO of the company. Her pieces are worn by many celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Margot Robbie, and Meghan Markle. The fashion brand focuses on creating everyday jewelry that can be worn alone or layered.

Missoma also became the No.1 fastest growing female lead private company.

Alighieri is another fashion brand being sold by Selfridges, their pieces range between  £160 to £1200. The fashion brand has enjoyed a strong performance in the last couple of years and their turnover went from £40,000 in 2016 to  £500,000 in 2018. With the rise of demi-fine jewelry, the fashion brand grew rapidly.

Barney’s New York has also stocked up on mid-priced jewelry fashion brands as well as high-end pieces. According to Sarah Blair, Barney’s senior vice president of women’s accessories, demi fine jewelry reaches a broader demographic of customers and are a great introduction to fine jewelry for someone who has just started to collect jewelry.

Even though fine jewelry has its own charm, not everybody can afford it. Also, fine jewelry is something you can not wear every day. This is where demi-fine jewelry comes into play. It allows customers to find high-quality pieces without breaking the bank or sacrificing on craftsmanship. This rise in demi fine jewelry is leading to many retailers stepping into this category of jewelry and the industry will only grow from here, giving the customers ample options to choose from.