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Are you killing your customers with Email ‘Blasts’?

This article is in continuation to my previous article which was about why retailers ignore their transactional emails and also how it hurts their business. In this article, I want to talk about marketing emails. Marketing emails are different. Some so-called online marketers have abused the word ‘email marketing’ so much that it has become synonymous with the word ‘blast’. Often the retailers we work with (no offense to them, it’s a general practice nowadays) use the word “EMAIL BLAST” in their internal communication, asking us to ‘BLAST’ their ‘new arrival’ email to so-and-so email lists. Wait a minute. Did you just say ‘BLAST’? I have a huge problem with that word and I will come back to in a moment. So how do you blast an email using MailChimp: – You create campaign, select list, Blast!  – You replicate campaign, select list, Blast! (if there is more than one list) Simple! But what happens then? Crickets? No opens, no clicks, no sales. So what’s wrong with the approach? Most retailers tell themselves things such as:

  • Maybe my subject was bad
  • Oh there was a typo
  • My email doesn’t open well on iPhone
  • Mailchimp sucks, my emails landed in Junk
  • My list is too tiny, yada yada

Ok, these are valid reasons behind the failure of your emails but there might be other reasons as well. Often your ’email blasts’ fail because they are blasts. When you don’t segment your subscribers before emailing them, your subscribers might find your email irrelevant. And that’s why with every email sent out, your email list becomes more and more un-interested or in another word ‘dead’. Even if you don’t call it a blast, if you’re sending out the same promotional email to your subscribers without segmenting them, it’s still a BLAST. When you send same promotional email to your entire list, you are assuming that:

  • All your subscribers have same interests
  • All your subscribers are buying customers
  • All your subscribers are interested in same products, offers, and categories
  • All your subscribers are equally excited about your brand
  • All your subscribers live in the same time zone
  • All your subscribers have same emotional triggers, so on and so forth

Of course, this is not true. But it’s a concept hard to understand if you consider your subscribers – subscribers and not real human beings. Email clients (such as Mailchimp) have really evolved in the last few years. There is so much you can do with Mailchimp to ensure you ‘serve’ only relevant and timely emails to your customers. If you use email platform such as Klaviyo, you can easily import all your customer data from your ecommerce engine (Shopify, Magento, Woocomerce, etc) into your email client and design intelligent sales flows & funnels. Apart from the environmental benefits (some really bad humor there), the benefits of segmenting your list are many, such a better open rates, better click through rate and more sales. 

So going forward, don’t send email blasts as each email blast you send out damages your business. Value your customer’s email address. Try assigning each email address a dollar value if it helps. Think about it. If a subscriber is relevant, how much profit you can make from them in the next 5, 10, 20 years. What ever you do, just make sure you are not into this never-ending loop of acquiring subscribers and killing subscribers. Most of the businesses out there are doing exactly that. Carefully segment them into groups not just with your email but your social media communication. Try it, you will sell more…simple.

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