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What is the Personality of your Brand?

Do you know that your brand has a voice and it’s talking to your customers 24 x 7?

It can be Polite, Stern, Classy, Royal, Nasty, Old, Strict, Young, Funny, Deadpan, Serious, Loose etc.

If you’re not deliberate with what personality you project to your customers with your brand, your customers will go by their own perception and that perception may or may not be the impression that you want to give to your customers.

So, always be in charge of your brand’s personality.

What’s even more worse than giving a wrong impression? Giving no impression at all. We’re talking about brands with no personality. Don’t be among those brands, they are boring and people easily forget them.

What determines the personality of your brand?
The voice of the brand is greatly determined by the personality of owner of the company.

Always keep your brands’ personality traits in mind in all areas of your business especially in your communication (be it audio, visual or textual) with your customers. Even the products you sell, should be in-tune with the personality of your brand.

The personality of your brand will show your customers in things like:

  • Your choice of products
  • People you hire
  • Your website design
  • Colours you choose, graphics, product descriptions, etc.

Don’t worry about being good or bad, right or wrong. Just be yourself and let your brand find its audience. If you think, you’re not fitting in this world, make your own. Contact us regarding your SEO for Fashion eCommerce websites.

But don’t copy
It’s OK to be inspired by a brand or its brand but don’t copy any brand. Be yourself. Remember, you yourself are the biggest competitive edge of your brand because no one can be you.

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