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How Fashion Businesses can Find new Customers through Instagram’s Three new Tools


A customer looking for inspiration to purchase a new dress doesn’t flip through fashion magazines any longer, they search #dresses, or for more specific trends, they would search #offshoulderdress. Instagram is undoubtedly the most engaged fashion community online. A study by the New York Fashion Week by Digital Think Tank L2 pointed out that Instagram drives the most engagements in the form of likes, comments, and shares, compared to all other social media networks. With a customer base of 300 million, it is inevitable that fashion businesses are drawn to advertise on the platform, that appears to be made for fashion.

The Connect button: This new and more importantly free feature, allows businesses to display that they are a business. The connect button will allow prospective customers to contact you via phone, text, or email.

Instagram features

Insights: This feature as the name suggests will give businesses an insight into the performance of their posts on Instagram. Businesses will be provided with information about how customers have connected and engaged with their brand, without overwhelming them with complicated analytics that can be used only by business specialists.

Promote: The business will be given the ability to promote their most well-performing posts, like adverts, through this feature. The business owner will be given the choice to choose their target audience or allow Instagram to do it on their behalf.

Instagram plans to roll out the features in US, New Zealand and Australia in the next couple of months and globally by the end of 2016. Instagram appears to have been working actively, behind the scenes, considering the comprehensive and impactful nature of the new features.

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