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Give your Snapchat Advertising Campaign Wings with Geofilters, Snap Ads and Sponsored Lens

blog4Marketing experts have been rambling on and on, asking retail brands to consider Snapchat as a marketing medium. Few took note, most ignored the advise. The results were obvious the few brands that jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon have reaped results that are beyond measure. I am talking about organic impressions and store visits.

Placed, a location-based data company, recently surveyed brick-and-mortar chains. The findings were rather uncomplimentary, 65%of the brands surveyed did not have an account on Snapchat.


The research by MARU/VCR&C found that 47% of Snapchatters have sent a snap while in stores. Three quarters of the users have asked a friend for opinions and have been influenced through Snapchat during a shopping trip. Snapchatters are even more likely to spend big bucks on shopping than their non snapchatting friends. More money is being spent on almost all categories by snapchatters clothing (55 percent more), accessories (+10 percent), shoes (+36 percent) and health/beauty (+17 percent).

So brands must at all costs stop ignoring this social network which boasts 150 million global users and its ability to create a cumulative word of mouth. Although you must know Snapchat works better if you are ready to invest on advertising, as it is rather difficult to create an organic following. The main reason being you can’t find someone on Snapchat unless you know their exact Snapchat name? I wonder if they designed it this way on purpose, either ways it seems to be working. Here are some ways that you can strategically advertise your Fashion eCommerce Marketing brand on Snapchat.

  • Let your customers give you a shoutout with Sponsored Geofilters: You can invest some of your advertising dollars on Geofilters, which is a small piece of art that will appear on the snap. Suppose one of your customers clicks a snap in one of the locations of your fashion brand, they can see your geofilter and explain to their friends the (why, where, when) of the snap.  The friends who receive these snaps are inspired to also visit the same store or discover a new store that may have not visited yet. Men’s Wearhouse used geofilters and received a 48 percent engagement rate, in 18,000 high schools, when prom season began.
  • Tell your brand’s story with Snap Ads: Snap ads are perfect if you want to place in front of your audiences, an interactive story of your brand. This is a good way to ensure that your advertising dollars are spent on a targeted audience. Snap Ads appear in the context of other snaps, they usually begin with a 10 second vertical, full screen video ad. According to the Snapchat website, a single National Sponsored Geofilter typically reaches 40% to 60% of daily Snapchatters in the US. Walmart, Macy’s, Michael Kors, Foot Locker and Louis Vuitton are few of the brands buying ads and winning the Snapchat game.
  • Playfully interact with Sponsored Lens: Make an interactive ad, this gives your audiences a ‘play time’ sort of experience with Snaps. It might not be a very conventional form of advertising but the animations created by a clever marketing team can work wonders to increase engagement.

The features above are paid forms of advertising on Snapchat, thus they should be used by fashion brands that have set aside an advertising budget, not one that relies on organic messaging.

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Deepika-I-Love-Fashion-RetailDeepika Rochlani
Deepika is ILFR’s Marketing Expert and oversees various ILFR marketing functions, including Brand Positioning, Social Media, Influencer Marketing, and Content Marketing.

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